BrainyFlix Almost-Halfway-to-the-Submissions-Deadline Update

Hey everyone! We’re almost halfway to the March 16th submission deadline, so I wanted to thank you all for your effort and goodwill and to provide some quick updates on the contest.

  1. We’ve received over 100 fun, unique videos! We’ve got claymation, beat boxing, old home baby movies, a kid in a banana suit, digital animation, romance, horror, a kid in a taco suit, history lessons, Halo machinima, political activism, and of course… good ole fashion comedy sketches. We didn’t think we’d get so many so soon. Please keep ’em coming! If we can hit 300 by the end of the contest, that would be AWESOME. 😀
  2. Words with no videos.  We encourage you to choose words without any videos yet.  Doing so will make BrainyFlix more useful and give you a better chance of getting your video watched and voted on.  For example, we have over 10 videos for the word Abduct!  In general, a viewer isn’t likely to watch more than a couple videos about one word.  
  3. iTUNES. We’re still giving away 1 iTunes for every 5 videos submitted or referred, and we’ve got, like, 190 more to give away so um… make more videos! Please note that we’ll give away the iTunes at the end of the contest once all the videos have been submitted and names tallied.
  4. We review the videos after submission, so if you don’t see yours immediately, do not fear. We’ll make sure the submission message says that in the near future.
  5. SchoolTube funkiness. SchoolTube will sometimes take down videos if they see multiple uploads of the same one. This might have happened to one of your videos. Please check BrainyFlix to make sure your video is still up because if SchoolTube takes it down, it will be down at BrainyFlix, too, and then viewers can’t vote on it. Just resubmit to us, and you’ll be a-ok.
  6. Check the word definition. We provide definitions for the words, but even those definitions can be ambiguous (vocab word!). Please take the extra minute to look up your word at or to make sure you understand the meaning of the word. After all, if you don’t know it well, your viewers won’t either!

As always, if you have any questions, feedback or hilarious lolsats :] please reach out to us at  Keep up the great work!


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