Voting moves to March 30

Hey guys, some important updates!

  1. We are going to start the voting on March 30 instead of March 23.  I know, I know. You have been telling your mama and your mama’s mama to vote for your video, but we desperately need the extra time to make sure all videos can be displayed clearly for voting.   Our apologies!  But we think you understand.
  2. Check BrainyFlix to make sure your video is up. We finished approving all submissions Wednesday night, but if you don’t see your video get in touch with us ASAP.
  3. If you used another videoplayer instead of Youtube or SchoolTube, please use YouTube or SchoolTube and re-submit your video to us. For technical reasons which I can detail for you if you message me, not having your video on YouTube or SchoolTube makes it tough for us to display it for voting. (Other videoplayers include Vimeo, TeacherTube, MySpace video, Facebook Video, Google Video, etc.)

You guys are dying to get the voting started, aren’t ya???  :]  We’ll get there soon.  Promise.  Alright, if you have any questions, please get in touch with us at

This is gonna be awesome!!!


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