Campaigning Tips to the Underdogs

We are 1 week away from BrainyFlix Election Tuesday! Some videos have jumped out to a commanding lead, but we’re only halfway to the finish line. Plenty of time for the videos lagging in votes to try and pull ahead. For those of you who are trying to catch up, here are 6 tips:

  • Don’t be shy! Tell everyone you know: friends, family, teachers & neighbors.
  • And tell them to tell THEIR friends, family, teachers & neighbors.
  • And THEN remind them again a few days later. (:
  • Tell people that they MUST log in for their vote to count.  Some people think they have been voting without logging in, but that is not possible!
  • Get the word out any way you can: in-person, in a big email, over Twitter, on MySpace or Facebook, in the school newspaper, at your YouTube or SchoolTube accounts, etc.
  • When you talk to people, give them the specific url where your video is located. Here is how you find it:
  1. Make sure you are logged in
  2. Go to
  3. Go to your video and click on “Vote” which is highlighted in yellow
  4. Underneath your video, you will find a gray box with a url which will be something like <<< This is the url you tell people!

If anyone has any other tips to offer, feel free to leave a comment. I’d be happy to post it.


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