BrainyPics Double-Up Contest

OK, we are at it again! We’re offering prize $$$ and iTunes to get you to make fun Brainypics flashcards.

Here’s how it works: you submit your Brainypics by May 22, we’ll pick the top 10, and then the public votes to pick the grand prize winner. Not shabby, right? But it gets better: we’re gonna double-up the prizes if everyone (all of you together) create 4 unique Brainypics for every word on our words list.

Here’s how it shakes out:

  • Grand Prize Winner: $100 & $100 for student & school becomes $200 & $200 for student & school.
  • Finalists: $10 iTunes gift certificates for the 9 runnerups becomes $10 iTunes gift certificate for 19 runnerups.
  • Submitters: 1 iTunes for every 10 Brainypics submitted (good for the first 1000 submissions) becomes 1 iTunes for every 5 Brainypics submitted (good for the 1st 2000 Brainypics submitted).


  • You can submit as many as Brainypics as you want, but they can’t be duplicates.
  • Your sentence must include the word, use the word correctly, and use proper grammar.
  • Anyone can enter the competition! Just remember that part of the prize money has to go to a U.S. school of your choosing.
  • Important contest dates:
  • Submission opens: Now!
  • Submission ends: 5/22/2009
  • Finalists announced & voting begins: 5/24/2009
  • Voting ends & grand prize winner announced: 6/1/2009
  • Be fun, but please be cool and not submit anything that will get us busted by your teachers. That said, we do reserve the right to remove Brainypics for any reason, stated here or not.
  • We will count previously submitted Brainypics that satisfy the other contest rules.

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