The incorrect “grievous” Brainypics are quite grievous to me and grammar dorks everywhere

Pleeeeeeeease check the definition for the word before you make up a sentence!  We got lots of Brainypics about the word grievous, but GRIEVOUS DOES NOT MEAN “FULL OF GRIEF”.

If you happen to come across a sentence that is not quite right, please feel free to submit another sentence that IS used correctly in the comments.

Alright.  Here is where we are in the word count to reach our goal.

# of Words with Brainypics

16 words have 4+ Brainypics
10 words have 3 Brainypics
35 words have 2 Brainypics
112 words have 1 Brainypics
610 words have 0 Brainypics

783 words in TOTAL have 350 Brainypics


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