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Judgement Day… er, Weekend

The voting is DONE. Thank you, everyone!

Now, we will be selecting the runners up who will receive iTunes gift cards and… the Grand Prize Cash Winner! To be announced this coming Monday. Oooooohhhhhhh~~~

This will be a difficult task, but I think Nori Potter and I are up for it.

harry potter


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Eeeeeee! Last Day to Vote!

If you haven’t voted on Brainypics yet …


Hahah just kidding just kidding. It should only take about 10 votes to get a flashcard into the top 50, so your vote will definitely count!

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3 Days to Vote on Brainypics!

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Voting for Brainypics has begun!

Cast your votes by Friday at midnight 5/29

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For those of you who are looking for ways to learn vocab on the go, check out this website called They’re willing to hook up Brainyflickers with a special offer:

JustVocabulary offers 4 minute podcasts that explain GRE words with great example sentences. This ESL podcast explains 2 words per show.

The website also offers other great study tools that complement the podcast, like mobile/ipod flashcards, quizzes, weekly recaps and Vocabulary powerhours.

JustVocabulary is proud to offer a $1 discount on all JustVocabulary study tools – only for BrainyFlix visitors!

How to get this $1 discount? Use the discount code “brainyflix” when completing purchase and you will receive a $1 discount on checkout.

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1200+!!! :D

Way to go, guys! Almost 100 new Brainypics since Monday. We have til Friday at midnight to Double-Up, so keep makin’ those BP!

UPDATE as of 5/21/2009…

* 87 words have 4+ Brainypics
* 48 words have 3 Brainypics
* 124 words have 2 Brainypics
* 212 words have 1 Brainypics
* 312 words have 0 Brainypics

783 words in TOTAL have 1230 Brainypics

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The non-theme theme

This week’s contest: “Just make them Brainypics!!!”

I know, I know. It is not much of a theme. I got this video up late and felt bad cause y’all already started making BP. 😛 Buuut we’ll still give out iTunes to the 5 funniest.


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