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$200 Grand Prize for Brainypics Flashcards

munificent squirrel


We’re running our annual Brainypics Flashcard Contest!  Submit Brainypics between NOW and Dec. 7th, and compete to win a $200 cash prize.  We’ll pick our 5 favorite Brainypics each week, and those Brainypics will qualify for final judging for THE GRAND PRIZE. More details at

P.S. – We’ll try to come up with a fun theme for each week.  This week:  Crasher Squirrel pictures!  You can find good images to use at

P.P.S. – You don’t HAVE to use Crasher Squirrel pics, but we reeeeally like em.  *Wink wink*.


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Imma let you finish but… here are last week’s winners! The best of all time! ALL TIME!

Congrats to: paradox <3, Nidhi, mtgurl, Amber + Max, and Libby, Gabi + Chuck!  We’ll be emailing you about your iTunes.  Good stuff.  :]






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Yo Brainyflix Imma Let You Finish But…

We need good Brainypics using these Kanye “Imma let you finish” pictures 🙂 We’ll give a free 99 cent iTunes song to the 5 funniest. Please submit by next Friday and list this link as your source: (P.S. – link is PG-13 but the pictures below are a-ok)

kanye hamster nom

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… to our latest Brainypics creators. These submissions over the past couple weeks have been hilarious! 😀

stagnant for blog

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Reading Help on the SAT for Long & Short Passages

Here’s a new tool that might help you guys prep for the Long and Short Passages in the Reading section of the SAT called: FAVAHOLIC 🙂

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