Week 2 Brainypics Winners

nadirThis photo shows Hover Cat at the NADIR of her flight.

Congrats to our Week 2 Winners! They not only receive an iTunes song, but their Brainypics qualify for the $200 Grand Prize competition on DEC. 7. Submit Brainypics this week, and you can compete, too. Our theme for week 3: GET CREATIVE! Give us Brainypics that are going to stand out and be super memorable.  If that means you’ve got be goofy, wacky and weird in your Brainypics, let’s see it. 🙂

Keep reading to see the Week 2 winners and learn the meaning of these words and how they are used in sentences:

  • Nadir
  • Exemplary
  • Abort
  • Acerbic
  • Malediction

exemplaryLetting your dog into the hot tub is not an EXEMPLARY action.

abortThe cat had to ABORT the mission before he was caught buying catnip.

acerbicThough he didn’t believe it at first, the player found out the hard way that Yao’s armpits are actually quite ACERBIC.

maledictionKagome was nearly killed by a MALEDICTION from the black priestess Tsubaki.


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