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Final Week to Submit Brainypics!

Hi guys! I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving eating til your bellies bulged.

This is the final week of the Brainypics contest. We’ll be picking the last 5 finalists who will compete for our $200 Grand Prize and win themselves iTunes songs.  Ooooohhhhh~

We won’t be setting a special theme this week. Just make your Brainypics funny and memorable.  Getting started is easy (of course):

* * *

And here are 5 vocab words to help you on the SAT courtesy of last week’s winners.  Some were Thanksgiving-themed, others were just flat-out hilarious.  All can be enjoyed. :]

P.S. – We had some really great submissions which we had to pass on because there was no source listed. Ooooffffff. Please remember to show the source!

Demon Kitty will cast aspersions on all who don't give him turkey and stuffing!

ASPERSION (n) - a curse, expression of ill-will

“Farmer Bob is going to fabricate turkey soap this Thanksgiving, so we need to camouflage ourselves,” said the Turkeys.

FABRICATE (v) - To make or create; to invent in order to deceive

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Om Nom Nom: Thanksgiving Brainypics

Ohai. Here is this week’s Brainypics contest: THANKSGIVING!

Here are some examples I made to get you into the turkey (eating) spirit. :]

My uncle wanted me to consummate my Thanksgiving meal with chocolate cake for dessert, but I could not eat another bite.

Consummate (v) - To bring to completion

If my Mom DELEGATED cooking duties to me, there's a good chance I'd burn the turkey.

Delegate (v) - To hand over responsibility for something

Start making Brainypics at Brainyflix.

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Winners for “Brainypics About Brainypics”

Hi-yo! Here are 5 tough vocab words to help you on the SAT, taught by our hilarious winners from last week’s “Brainypics About Brainypics” contest. As always, choosing them was very tough cause you guys are funnaaaay.

The homeless man needs the $200 Grand Prize from Brainyflix to avenge his family.

Avenge (v) - to seek revenge

Choose this Brainypic for the $200 prize... or the Mudkip will die! (And THAT, my friends, is how to properly use pathos.)

Pathos (n) - Quality of being able to evoke pity or sympathy

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Oops my late video announcement of winners…

I should have posted this sooner, but you can get all the info in it from the previous posts. It’s just in video format and has my handsome mug.

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This Week’s Contest: Brainypics About Brainypics

Hey guys! Thanks for all of the submissions to last week’s “Your Photos” Brainypics contest. I know it was tougher than usual because you had to take or dig up photos you’d taken before and then turn it into a Brainypic flashcard, but the turnout will still great. We basically matched last week’s record best of 540 pics. :]

This week’s contest: Brainypics About Brainypics. We got this idea from some really funny users. Basically, you create Brainypics with sentences that talk about the website, refer to other Brainypics, mention you as the creator of the Brainypic, etc.

Not quite sure what we mean? Check out these examples:

This puppy is full of wrath because the people on Brainyflix won’t vote for his Brainypics.

wrath (n): vengeful anger, punishment

The almighty Gladiator Kitty shall assail all those who oppose his reentry into Brainyflix! Dare you incur his wrath?

assail (v): to attack

"Your belligerent ways shall come to end, Gladiator Kitty!" yells the evil monkey.

Belligerent (adj): Warlike; given to waging war

Good luck, guys, and get started —>>> Brainyflix

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Your Funniest Photo Winners

Here are the 10 “Funniest Photo” Winners. You’ll notice that we have an affinity for picking Brainypics where the creators weren’t afraid of getting a bit goofy (kinda like us). Enjoy!

Isaac is animated every time he hits the dance floor...Oh yeah!

animated: (adj) lively; (v) to give life to

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Teaching With Contests

I’m writing this brief post to let you guys know about a website called It is… exactly what it sounds like.

The site will post student contests that you can get involved in… such as ours. :]

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