Week 6 Brainypics Contest: Imaginary Conversations

Say what?

For week 6, we are asking for Brainypics where your sentence is what somebody is saying in an imaginary conversation that is happening in the picture.  Just as you get to pick the word, picture and sentence, you get to come up with the conversation, too. The sillier, the better, of course. :]

A little confused?  Here are some examples I came up with to help you in your quest for iTunes and those dolla dolla billz.

using VEHEMENTLY in a sentence

The youngster screamed at his pencil VEHEMENTLY, "Write! Write like you've never written before!!!"

VEHEMENTLY – (adv) marked by intense force or emotion

More examples after the jump…

how to use CAPITULATE in a sentence

"OK! I capitulate! I ate the last cheeseburger. Now please stop pointing at me!"

CAPITULATE – (verb) To surrender under specific terms

using PEJORATIVE in a sentence

"I really want to say a PEJORATIVE, but kids and my nana come to this website!!! RAAAAWR!"

PEJORATIVE – (adj) derogatory, uncomplimentary; (n) a word that is derogatory in nature

We look forward to your masterpieces.

As always, if you have questions, you can reach us at admin [at] brainyflix [dot] com.


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