Your Big, Bad, Biggity Boo Halloween Winners

Isn’t the title of this blog post AWESOME?… Oh, shut it. ;]

Thanks to everyone who created, voted for & commented on Brainypics last week. We received over 450 new flashcards! You guys must really love your vocabulary (or iTunes).

Here are 5 words you should know for the SAT and ACT courtesy of last week’s winners:

Using LEWD in a sentence

Who would have though that jack-o-lanterns would behave in such a LEWD way?

LEWD – (adj) Obscene or indecent; characterized by lust or lasciviousness

How to use HARROWING in a sentence

Have you ever had a hangover? It's HARROWING.

HARROWING – (adj) Agonizing, distressing

Using BELLIGERENT in a sentence

The BELLIGERENT pumpkin is always looking for a fight!

BELLIGERENT – (adj) Warlike; given to waging war

How to use FETID in a sentence

The FETID pumpkin drove away the trick-or-treaters.

FETID – (adj) Having a foul odor

Using SYCOPHANT in a sentence

The students called Sarah a SYCOPHANT for dressing up to look like her math teacher.

SYCOPHANT – (noun) A flatterer seeking the approval of others; yes man; brown noser

If you are disappointed that you did not win last week, do not be! We just reached the halfway mark, and you guys have another 5 weeks to try to win iTunes and compete for our $200 Grand Prize.

This upcoming week’s contest: Imaginary Conversations. For your Brainypic, create a sentence which is part of an imaginary conversation that is happening in the picture. Here is an example to get you started. 🙂


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