“Imaginary Conversation” Winners

Good job, everybody! You created over 540 Brainypics last week, which beat the previous record by about 100 pics. Wow. And we were quite impressed by those of you up for the challenge of imagining fake conversations. Clearly, you guys are as crazy as we are, if not moreso. Hahaha.

Here are 5 words to help you on the SAT & ACT courtesy of our very deserving winners. Enjoy!

"I am assessing the stolen property as we speak, corporate. Hmm, it tastes like... CHEDDAR!!"

Assess (v) - To determine the value of

"Give me the cheeseburger or you will feel my claws excavate the back of your leg," warned the cat.

Excavate (v) - To remove by digging or scooping out

"I belieeeve I can flyyyyyyy..." sung the dog upon his meritorious accomplishment.

Meritorious (adj) - Deserving of praise or merit

"So today someone called me fatuous, so I felt bad and went to the gym to try to shed a few pounds. I'll show him who is fatuous."

Fatuous (adj) - Idiotic; stupid; without sense of reality

EDIT: In case you didn’t understand this Brainypic, Brittney is being fatuous for thinking that fatuous means fat. Get it? Pretty clever!

Darth Vader, in a dour tone and voice, said,"Luke, I am your father".

Dour (adj) - Stern, joyless

The creators of these Brainypics were Emilychat, Lsliker, Ben Fiat, Drewprice11 and Dynamofan999, who has been submitting Brainypics for a few weeks now without ever getting picked but finally broke through with persistence and a rad Brainypic 😀

If you are bummed that yours did not get picked, don’t be! You’ve got 4 more weeks to earn iTunes and compete for our $200 Grand Prize.

This week’s theme: Your Photos. Yep, we want photos you have taken, and the photos can be of anything: your dog chasing its tail, the nasty food served in your cafeteria, whateva. Just make it yours and make it funny http://Brainyflix.com.


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