Your Funniest Photo Winners

Here are the 10 “Funniest Photo” Winners. You’ll notice that we have an affinity for picking Brainypics where the creators weren’t afraid of getting a bit goofy (kinda like us). Enjoy!

Isaac is animated every time he hits the dance floor...Oh yeah!

animated: (adj) lively; (v) to give life to

The followers of Eisenhower High School did not realize at the time their "rearrangement" may be perceived as garish.

garish (adj): gaudy, in bad taste

We tried to explain to Parker that his celebration after winning Candyland was a tad bit gratuitous.

gratuitous (adj): Unnecessary; free, voluntary; without reason or cause

You could say my friends and I are an aberration from the typical high school student.

aberration (n): The act of departing from the normal course; the act of deviating from the usual type

After receiving the horrible news, Ben and Angela's truly despondent feelings were written all over their faces.

despondent (adj): Discouraged; disheartened

When the cat realized she was stuck behind a door, she found that she was in quite a quandary.

quandary (n): A puzzling predicament

She didn't realize that toilet paper had adhered to her shoe and wondered why people were staring and laughing.

adhere (v): to stick to something ; to follow devoutly

Roxy felt very lethargic after staying up late eating her owner's homework.

lethargic (adj): sluggish, weary, apathetic

Bella, my puppy, is very somnolent after playing all day with my neighbor's dog, Fenway!

somnolent (adj): Sleepy, drowsy

Hopefully this is not Ben's vocation because... well, look what might happen to everyone with hair.

vocation (n): A particular occupation or profession; calling

Congrats to Maddio28, Drewprice11, Sarahskewl, Countrymusiclover, Isaac12, Bsaia, A. Damitz, B. Rudy, E. Knezz, and C. Vandersnick for these Brainypics. And thanks again to everyone who participated by creating, voting and leaving comments.

If you’d still like a chance to win iTunes and compete for our $200 Grand Prize, we’ve got 3 more weeks of our Brainypics contests left! This week’s theme: Brainypics about Brainypics. Click here to learn more. :]


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