Final Week to Submit Brainypics!

Hi guys! I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving eating til your bellies bulged.

This is the final week of the Brainypics contest. We’ll be picking the last 5 finalists who will compete for our $200 Grand Prize and win themselves iTunes songs.  Ooooohhhhh~

We won’t be setting a special theme this week. Just make your Brainypics funny and memorable.  Getting started is easy (of course):

* * *

And here are 5 vocab words to help you on the SAT courtesy of last week’s winners.  Some were Thanksgiving-themed, others were just flat-out hilarious.  All can be enjoyed. :]

P.S. – We had some really great submissions which we had to pass on because there was no source listed. Ooooffffff. Please remember to show the source!

Demon Kitty will cast aspersions on all who don't give him turkey and stuffing!

ASPERSION (n) - a curse, expression of ill-will

“Farmer Bob is going to fabricate turkey soap this Thanksgiving, so we need to camouflage ourselves,” said the Turkeys.

FABRICATE (v) - To make or create; to invent in order to deceive

Interrupting a girl who is receiving an award to tell her that she didn't deserve that award is probably inimical towards her sense of accomplishment.

INIMICAL (adj) - Adverse; unfavorable; antagonistic

Wario defiled the whole platform with his fart. It had no effect on the character below however.

DEFILE (v) - To make unclean, impure

One would be wise to eschew any persons who, instead of offering a handshake for a hello, offer a backside shake!

ESCHEW (v) - to abstain or keep away from; shun, avoid

Congrats to Misfit1, Lsliker, Asentimentalman, AlbertWesker and Anna Ellis. And thanks again to everyone who participated!

* * *

If you still want to win iTunes and get a shot at our $200 Grand prize, THIS IS OUR FINAL WEEK OF COMPETITION!

Anyone can get involved. You just need to create a Brainypic at

Good luck, everybody! 😀


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