Brainypics Grand Prize Winner :D

Root-doot-doot-doot-da-doot! 10 weeks and 3,818 Brainypics later (whoa), we have our 10 Runners up and our Grand Prize Winner, as selected by our panel of judges. Ooohhh~ The Runners Up shall receive iTunes gift cards, and of course, our winner has won $200 to be split with his or her school.

#10 RUNNER UP – babyblue_456

The adorable kitten just could not abstain from eating all of the mouth- watering Pringles.

ABSTAIN (v) - To hold oneself back voluntarily

#9 RUNNER UP – elgringoalex

The homeless man needs the $200 Grand Prize from Brainyflix to avenge his family.

Avenge (v) - to seek revenge

#8 RUNNER UP – kris_kidd

Cookie monster's clandestine, cookie-eating binges were finally   discovered by one of the doctors.

CLANDESTINE (adj) - Surreptitious; kept or done in secret

#7 RUNNER UP – drewprice11

We tried   to explain to Parker that his celebration after winning Candyland was a tad bit gratuitous.

gratuitous (adj): Unnecessary; free, voluntary; without reason or cause

#6 RUNNER UP – countrymusiclover

Roxy felt very lethargic after staying up late eating her owner's homework.

lethargic (adj): sluggish, weary, apathetic

#5 RUNNER UP – jberestovoy

Using LEWD in a   sentence

LEWD - (adj) Obscene or indecent; characterized by lust or lasciviousness

#4 RUNNER UP – Marina

How to Use Abnegation in a Sentence -- Definition -  (noun) denial of comfort to oneself

ABNEGATION - (noun) denial of comfort to oneself

#3 RUNNER UP – matchmanmatt

Though he didn't believe it at first, the player found out the hard way that Yao's armpits are actually quite acerbic.

ACERBIC (adj) - Biting, bitter in tone or taste

#2 RUNNER UP – vazquezd

Using BELLIGERENT in a sentence

BELLIGERENT - (adj) Warlike; given to waging war

#1 RUNNER UP – bott_geneseohs

After receiving the horrible news, Ben and Angela's truly despondent feelings   were written all over their faces.

despondent (adj): Discouraged; disheartened


The new Math teacher did not have to coerce anyone into doing homework. He just gave them his winning smile!

COERCE (v) - To force to think or behave in a certain way by use of pressure or intimidation (specifically, by one person to one or more others)

Congratulations, JKollar!

And props to our Runner Ups and Finalists. Our judges struggled greatly choosing amongst your hilarious (and weird) work ;]

Thanks again, everybody! Your participation has resulted in a fun and free resource that will now help others. And hopefully you learned and had fun making Brainypics, too.

* * *

P.S. – Starting January 1 of next year, we will begin our:

Brainyflix Video Contest

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah. To learn more about how you can win the $600 Grand Prize, go to


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