GotBrainy :)

Big announcement, everybody:

*** is now!***

The main reason for this change is that we’ve been doing more than just ‘flix’ for the past few months.  So we wanted a name that reflected all the stuff we’ve been doing to help you get brainiererer… er.

That said, the name change does not mean that we’re stopping with the videos!  In fact, we’ve got our vocabulary video contest happening now:

***Compete to win $600 by making a funny video about an SAT word***

  • We’ve already begun accepting submissions!  The deadline is 3/15/2010.
  • Anyone can enter, and we’ll have prizes for runner-ups and iTunes songs for anyone who submits 3 videos.
  • If you need to boost your grade, ask your teacher if s/he’ll give you extra credit for it.

For more details and good examples, go to


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One response to “GotBrainy :)

  1. Joe

    can someone come up with a video or brainypic of the word exiguous Thanks.

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