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Brainypics Grand Prize Winner :D

Root-doot-doot-doot-da-doot! 10 weeks and 3,818 Brainypics later (whoa), we have our 10 Runners up and our Grand Prize Winner, as selected by our panel of judges. Ooohhh~ The Runners Up shall receive iTunes gift cards, and of course, our winner has won $200 to be split with his or her school.

#10 RUNNER UP – babyblue_456

The adorable kitten just could not abstain from eating all of the mouth- watering Pringles.

ABSTAIN (v) - To hold oneself back voluntarily

#9 RUNNER UP – elgringoalex

The homeless man needs the $200 Grand Prize from Brainyflix to avenge his family.

Avenge (v) - to seek revenge

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