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Week 6 Brainypics Contest: Imaginary Conversations

Say what?

For week 6, we are asking for Brainypics where your sentence is what somebody is saying in an imaginary conversation that is happening in the picture.  Just as you get to pick the word, picture and sentence, you get to come up with the conversation, too. The sillier, the better, of course. :]

A little confused?  Here are some examples I came up with to help you in your quest for iTunes and those dolla dolla billz.

using VEHEMENTLY in a sentence

The youngster screamed at his pencil VEHEMENTLY, "Write! Write like you've never written before!!!"

VEHEMENTLY – (adv) marked by intense force or emotion

More examples after the jump…

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Brainypics: You Might As Well Do It If You’re Watching TV :]

Special thanks to ipopstar for this Brainypic!

Special thanks to ipopstar for this Brainypic!

Each week we try to have a theme for the Brainypics Flashcard Contest. Inspired by a couple of our users for their Brainypics about “The Office” and “Saturday Night Live”, we figured we might as well indulge in good ole fashion veggin’ time…

This week’s theme: Grab an image from one of your favorite (or not favorite) TV shows and give us a Brainypic flashcard!!!

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Week 2 Brainypics Winners

nadirThis photo shows Hover Cat at the NADIR of her flight.

Congrats to our Week 2 Winners! They not only receive an iTunes song, but their Brainypics qualify for the $200 Grand Prize competition on DEC. 7. Submit Brainypics this week, and you can compete, too. Our theme for week 3: GET CREATIVE! Give us Brainypics that are going to stand out and be super memorable.  If that means you’ve got be goofy, wacky and weird in your Brainypics, let’s see it. 🙂

Keep reading to see the Week 2 winners and learn the meaning of these words and how they are used in sentences:

  • Nadir
  • Exemplary
  • Abort
  • Acerbic
  • Malediction

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