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Finalists for the $200 Grand Prize

Our judges are busy picking a worthy winner and some runner ups out of these 55 funny and creative finalists. We said we’d announce the results by the 10th but to give the judges enough time we’re aiming for the 13th cause we’re nice like that.

I may be mistaken, but I don't think the pockets are very  accessible when the shorts are pulled down this low.

ACCESSIBLE (adj) - Approachable; easy to get to

The adorable kitten just could not abstain from eating all of the mouth- watering Pringles.

ABSTAIN (v) - To hold oneself back voluntarily

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Om Nom Nom: Thanksgiving Brainypics

Ohai. Here is this week’s Brainypics contest: THANKSGIVING!

Here are some examples I made to get you into the turkey (eating) spirit. :]

My uncle wanted me to consummate my Thanksgiving meal with chocolate cake for dessert, but I could not eat another bite.

Consummate (v) - To bring to completion

If my Mom DELEGATED cooking duties to me, there's a good chance I'd burn the turkey.

Delegate (v) - To hand over responsibility for something

Start making Brainypics at Brainyflix.

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This Week’s Contest: Brainypics About Brainypics

Hey guys! Thanks for all of the submissions to last week’s “Your Photos” Brainypics contest. I know it was tougher than usual because you had to take or dig up photos you’d taken before and then turn it into a Brainypic flashcard, but the turnout will still great. We basically matched last week’s record best of 540 pics. :]

This week’s contest: Brainypics About Brainypics. We got this idea from some really funny users. Basically, you create Brainypics with sentences that talk about the Brainyflix.com website, refer to other Brainypics, mention you as the creator of the Brainypic, etc.

Not quite sure what we mean? Check out these examples:

This puppy is full of wrath because the people on Brainyflix won’t vote for his Brainypics.

wrath (n): vengeful anger, punishment

The almighty Gladiator Kitty shall assail all those who oppose his reentry into Brainyflix! Dare you incur his wrath?

assail (v): to attack

"Your belligerent ways shall come to end, Gladiator Kitty!" yells the evil monkey.

Belligerent (adj): Warlike; given to waging war

Good luck, guys, and get started —>>> Brainyflix

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Video of Last Week’s Winners & This Week’s Theme

Here is the video version of our announcement for last week’s winners and this week’s theme (in case you’re not in the mood to read this). Enjoy!

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“Imaginary Conversation” Winners

Good job, everybody! You created over 540 Brainypics last week, which beat the previous record by about 100 pics. Wow. And we were quite impressed by those of you up for the challenge of imagining fake conversations. Clearly, you guys are as crazy as we are, if not moreso. Hahaha.

Here are 5 words to help you on the SAT & ACT courtesy of our very deserving winners. Enjoy!

"I am assessing the stolen property as we speak, corporate. Hmm, it tastes like... CHEDDAR!!"

Assess (v) - To determine the value of

"Give me the cheeseburger or you will feel my claws excavate the back of your leg," warned the cat.

Excavate (v) - To remove by digging or scooping out

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Week 6 Submissions Closed… But Week 7 Open

Hopefully, you got all the Imaginary Conversations going on in that crazy little head of yours done in time 🙂 But if not, don’t worry! We’ll start accepting your submissions for this week’s contest RIGHT NOW. W00t!

The theme for this week will be: Your Photos.

Thus far, we’ve accepted images from everywhere so long as you document the source. But this week, you are the source! We want photos that you’ve taken of anything: your uncle sweating it up at your cousin’s 16th birthday party, a mobile pic of your teacher stuffing her face with a hamburger, you posing in front of a statue with your fingers up its nose… ANYTHING. Just show us what’s yours and of course, have fun with it.

P.S. – We’ll announce last week’s winners later this afternoon, so stay tuned.

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Week 6 Brainypics Contest: Imaginary Conversations

Say what?

For week 6, we are asking for Brainypics where your sentence is what somebody is saying in an imaginary conversation that is happening in the picture.  Just as you get to pick the word, picture and sentence, you get to come up with the conversation, too. The sillier, the better, of course. :]

A little confused?  Here are some examples I came up with to help you in your quest for iTunes and those dolla dolla billz.

using VEHEMENTLY in a sentence

The youngster screamed at his pencil VEHEMENTLY, "Write! Write like you've never written before!!!"

VEHEMENTLY – (adv) marked by intense force or emotion

More examples after the jump…

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