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GotBrainy Video Winner Announcement!!!

Thank you to everyone who participated!  After much deliberation, our esteemed judges at Salesforce have cast their votes.  They chose based on what was memorable and taught accurately, and we asked that they take into consideration public voting.

Since deciding was so difficult, our judges picked 9 runner-ups, who will each receive an iTunes giftcard.  And of course, they selected your 2010 GotBrainy Video Champ, who has won the $600 grand prize.  Ooooo~

10. antiseptic    http://www.gotbrainy.com/videos/1921
9. impregnable    http://www.gotbrainy.com/videos/1923
8. vex    http://www.gotbrainy.com/videos/1525
7. juxtapose    http://www.gotbrainy.com/videos/1777
6. burnish        http://www.gotbrainy.com/videos/1711
5. confection    http://www.gotbrainy.com/videos/1667
4. palette    http://www.gotbrainy.com/videos/1776
3. ubiquitous    http://www.gotbrainy.com/videos/show/1928
2. speculative    http://www.gotbrainy.com/videos/1717
1. And finally, the Grand Prize Winner…



Congrats to Dylan and the runner-ups!  Thank you for your creativity and humor.  😀


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