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GotBrainy :)

Big announcement, everybody:

***Brainyflix.com is now GotBrainy.com!***

The main reason for this change is that we’ve been doing more than just ‘flix’ for the past few months.  So we wanted a name that reflected all the stuff we’ve been doing to help you get brainiererer… er.

That said, the name change does not mean that we’re stopping with the videos!  In fact, we’ve got our vocabulary video contest happening now:

***Compete to win $600 by making a funny video about an SAT word***

  • We’ve already begun accepting submissions!  The deadline is 3/15/2010.
  • Anyone can enter, and we’ll have prizes for runner-ups and iTunes songs for anyone who submits 3 videos.
  • If you need to boost your grade, ask your teacher if s/he’ll give you extra credit for it.

For more details and good examples, go to http://www.gotbrainy.com/main/contest_rules


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Happy Holidays, Everybody!

To get you in the spirit of the holidays, we thought we’d share some inspired Brainypics with y’all. Enjoy!

The girls' choreography made them look like spastic, country elves.

choreography (n) - the arrangement of dances

Elmo's extreme happiness was enervated by the wrath of Lord Vader

Enervate (v) - To weaken or deprive of strength

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Final Week to Submit Brainypics!

Hi guys! I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving eating til your bellies bulged.

This is the final week of the Brainypics contest. We’ll be picking the last 5 finalists who will compete for our $200 Grand Prize and win themselves iTunes songs.  Ooooohhhhh~

We won’t be setting a special theme this week. Just make your Brainypics funny and memorable.  Getting started is easy (of course): http://Brainyflix.com.

* * *

And here are 5 vocab words to help you on the SAT courtesy of last week’s winners.  Some were Thanksgiving-themed, others were just flat-out hilarious.  All can be enjoyed. :]

P.S. – We had some really great submissions which we had to pass on because there was no source listed. Ooooffffff. Please remember to show the source!

Demon Kitty will cast aspersions on all who don't give him turkey and stuffing!

ASPERSION (n) - a curse, expression of ill-will

“Farmer Bob is going to fabricate turkey soap this Thanksgiving, so we need to camouflage ourselves,” said the Turkeys.

FABRICATE (v) - To make or create; to invent in order to deceive

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Oops my late video announcement of winners…

I should have posted this sooner, but you can get all the info in it from the previous posts. It’s just in video format and has my handsome mug.

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“Imaginary Conversation” Winners

Good job, everybody! You created over 540 Brainypics last week, which beat the previous record by about 100 pics. Wow. And we were quite impressed by those of you up for the challenge of imagining fake conversations. Clearly, you guys are as crazy as we are, if not moreso. Hahaha.

Here are 5 words to help you on the SAT & ACT courtesy of our very deserving winners. Enjoy!

"I am assessing the stolen property as we speak, corporate. Hmm, it tastes like... CHEDDAR!!"

Assess (v) - To determine the value of

"Give me the cheeseburger or you will feel my claws excavate the back of your leg," warned the cat.

Excavate (v) - To remove by digging or scooping out

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Week 5 Brainypics Theme: Halloween

I ABHOR Halloween so much that it makes me barf.

I ABHOR Halloween so much that it makes me barf.

We definitely do not share the sentiment in this classic Brainypic. In fact, we want to celebrate this super fun holiday. We’re looking for Brainypics with tricks, treats, great costumes (not so great costumes), pumpkin carving, candy gobbling & more.

We’ll pick the 5 best Brainypics submitted between Monday and Sunday at noon to compete for our cash prize. Even if you aren’t picked, remember that you can earn an iTunes song for every 5 Brainypics you create. Good luck!

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How to use ABET in a sentence


The older twin conned his sibling, ABETTING him to help with turned out to be a crime.

For more sentences using the word ABET, go to http://brainyflix.com/words/ABET

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