Finalists for the $200 Grand Prize

Our judges are busy picking a worthy winner and some runner ups out of these 55 funny and creative finalists. We said we’d announce the results by the 10th but to give the judges enough time we’re aiming for the 13th cause we’re nice like that.

I may be mistaken, but I don't think the pockets are very  accessible when the shorts are pulled down this low.

ACCESSIBLE (adj) - Approachable; easy to get to

The adorable kitten just could not abstain from eating all of the mouth- watering Pringles.

ABSTAIN (v) - To hold oneself back voluntarily

Cookie monster's clandestine, cookie-eating binges were finally   discovered by one of the doctors.

CLANDESTINE (adj) - Surreptitious; kept or done in secret

From what I can   see, it seems like either Abraham Lincoln's face has been defaced or he wore a really bad costume to this photo shoot.

DEFACE (v) - To mar or disfigure the face or external surface of

A walrus' behavior can quickly transmute if you take away his bucket.

TRANSMUTE (v) - To change in nature, substance, or form

Demon Kitty will cast aspersions on all who don't give him turkey and   stuffing!

ASPERSION (n) - a curse, expression of ill-will

“Farmer Bob   is going to fabricate turkey soap this Thanksgiving, so we need to camouflage ourselves,” said the Turkeys.

FABRICATE (v) - To make or create; to invent in order to deceive

Interrupting a girl who is receiving an award to tell her that she   didn't deserve that award is probably inimical towards her sense of accomplishment.

INIMICAL (adj) - Adverse; unfavorable; antagonistic

Wario defiled the whole platform with his fart. It had no effect on the character below   however.

DEFILE (v) - To make unclean, impure

One would be wise to eschew any persons who, instead of offering a   handshake for a hello, offer a backside shake!

ESCHEW (v) - to abstain or keep away from; shun, avoid

The homeless man needs the $200 Grand Prize from Brainyflix to avenge his family.

Avenge (v) - to seek revenge

Choose this   Brainypic for the $200 prize... or the Mudkip will die! (And THAT, my friends, is how to properly use pathos.)

Pathos (n) - Quality of being able to evoke pity or sympathy

Just you wait and see: this perfect Brainypic will soon be a world-renowned example of a brainy pic!!!

Renown (n) - Honor, acclaim

If you don't like this Brainypic, Paul Blart will hunt you down and show NO CLEMENCY!

Clemency (n) - Mercy

You indolent turkeys better start making Brainypics, or else.....

Indolent (adj) - Habitually inactive or idle

Isaac is animated every time he hits the dance floor...Oh yeah!

animated: (adj) lively; (v) to give life to

The followers of Eisenhower High School did not realize at the time their   "rearrangement" may be perceived as garish.

garish (adj): gaudy, in bad taste

We tried   to explain to Parker that his celebration after winning Candyland was a tad bit gratuitous.

gratuitous (adj): Unnecessary; free, voluntary; without reason or cause

You could   say my friends and I are an aberration from the typical high school student.

aberration (n): The act of departing from the normal course; the act of deviating from the usual type

After receiving the horrible news, Ben and Angela's truly despondent feelings   were written all over their faces.

despondent (adj): Discouraged; disheartened

When the cat realized she was stuck behind a door, she found that she was in quite a   quandary.

quandary (n): A puzzling predicament

She didn't realize that toilet paper had adhered to her shoe and wondered   why people were staring and laughing.

adhere (v): to stick to something ; to follow devoutly

Roxy felt very lethargic after staying up late eating her owner's homework.

lethargic (adj): sluggish, weary, apathetic

Bella, my puppy, is very somnolent after playing all day with my neighbor's dog, Fenway!

somnolent (adj): Sleepy, drowsy

Hopefully   this is not Ben's vocation because... well, look what might happen to everyone with hair.

vocation (n): A particular occupation or profession; calling

"I am assessing the stolen property as we speak, corporate. Hmm, it tastes like...   CHEDDAR!!"

Assess (v) - To determine the value of

"Give me the cheeseburger or you will feel my claws excavate the   back of your leg," warned the cat.

Excavate (v) - To remove by digging or scooping out

"I belieeeve I can flyyyyyyy..." sung the dog upon his   meritorious accomplishment.

Meritorious (adj) - Deserving of praise or merit

"So today someone called me fatuous, so I felt bad and went to the   gym to try to shed a few pounds. I'll show him who is fatuous."

Fatuous (adj) - Idiotic; stupid; without sense of reality

Darth Vader, in a dour tone and voice, said,"Luke, I am your father".

Dour (adj) - Stern, joyless

Using LEWD in a   sentence

LEWD - (adj) Obscene or indecent; characterized by lust or lasciviousness

How to use HARROWING in a sentence

HARROWING - (adj) Agonizing, distressing

Using BELLIGERENT in a sentence

BELLIGERENT - (adj) Warlike; given to waging war

How to use FETID in a sentence

FETID - (adj) Having a foul odor

Using SYCOPHANT in a   sentence

SYCOPHANT - (noun) A flatterer seeking the approval of others; yes man; brown noser

The   MENDACIOUS story of "balloon boy" scared a lot of people...until they found out it was all a publicity stunt.

MENDACIOUS - (adj) Lying; false

Oh my God! They've EXPUNGED Kenny!

EXPUNGE - (v) to obliterate, eradicate

Gordon Ramsey   tries to break the chefs on his television show by VITUPERATING them.

VITUPERATE - (v) to berate, use harsh language

Everyone is   DISPERSED across different social groups but united for one common goal.

DISPERSE - (v) to scatter or to cause to scatter (with an object); to be scattered (without an object)

Spongebob grew zealous  at the thought of making Krabby Patties for 24  hours straight.

ZEALOUS (adj) -fervent, filled with eagerness in pursuit of something

How to Use ANESTHESIA in  a Sentence -- Definition -  (n) loss of sensation

ANESTHESIA - (n) loss of sensation

How to Use Appalling in a Sentence -- Definition -  (adj) inspiring shock, horror, disgust

APPALLING - (adj) inspiring shock, horror, disgust

The new Math teacher did not have to coerce anyone into doing homework. He just gave them his winning smile!

COERCE (v) - To force to think or behave in a certain way by use of pressure or intimidation (specifically, by one person to one or more others)

How to Use Abnegation in a Sentence -- Definition -  (noun) denial of comfort to oneself

ABNEGATION - (noun) denial of comfort to oneself

How to Use Innocuous in a Sentence -- Definition - (adj)  Harmless

INNOCUOUS - (adj) Harmless

The cat had to abort the mission before he was caught buying catnip.

ABORT (v) - To give up unfinished

Though he didn't believe it at first, the player found out the hard way that Yao's armpits are actually quite acerbic.

ACERBIC (adj) - Biting, bitter in tone or taste

CAJOLE (v) - To impose on or dupe by flattering speech

EXEMPLARY (adj) - Serving as a model or example worthy of copying

ILLICIT (adj) - Illegal


MALEDICTION (n) - Utterance of a curse

NADIR (n) - Lowest point

PACIFY (v) - To bring into a peaceful state; to appease, calm


PRESUMPTUOUS (adj) - Assuming too much

PUNCTILIOUS (adj) - Very attentive to following rules


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